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Dallas Short Film - The Poolside

The Poolside - Short Film

Release Date: Summer 2018
Rating: PG-13

Year    :   October 25, 2015
Writen by    :    Erik Schuessler
Directed by    :    Alex Kinter & Erik Schuessler
Starring    :   Anne Beyer
Genre    :   Indie, Drama, Suspense
Time    :   17 min. / 17:33
Studios    :    Alex Kinter Pictures, Brainfood, Food Dance Films
Budget    :   $20 000

Meg Stephens is a 1950's high society housewife who put her dreams aside for her family but is left to fend for herself with the aid of alcohol, Librium and Valium, and her own mental stability in a massive modern home with a golf course view. While swimming in her upscale, indoor pool, she begins to hear voices about a woman dying. She decides to find out why she hears voices, ultimately leading to her own untimely demise. Even Emma, the cleaning lady, refused to continue her work there after her horrifying experiences while alone in the house. Jeff Murphy is ready to sell his house to a lovely couple, Austin and Sarah Peterson, and will not let stories of a woman dying years ago affect this transaction.

All of these stories come together through the clockwork automated home that acts as the backdrop to a classic story about space, time, and the spirits left to repeat their last moments.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

Location History

A beautiful custom built home from 1958 for Mr. and Mrs. John Chester. A fine example of suburban Mid century design and quality that was restored to the original look and feel of the house when it was first constructed. The home was designed by Boatwright & Thompson and was built by Sebastian construction. It took $189,000 to design and construct the theme in 1958. So that would put it roughly at 2.2 million today.

Nov 17, 1958
Dallas Morning News Article | Section 3 -

Location Photos:

  • 1958
    Mid century design
  • 189,000
    To build & construct
  • 2.2
    Million Today


In Memory of Erik. You will be missed.

Directed by: Alex Kinter & Erik Schuessler
Cinematography by: Alex Kinter
Written by: Erik Schuessler

THE POOLSIDE accounts the haunting moments of a 1950's high society woman struggling with keeping her sanity while isolated at her indoor pool. The idealistic background acts as a stark contrast to the dark concepts, swimming through this candid unraveling of a woman alone, trying to understand the voices she hears underwater. These voices eventually lead to her own demise from the modern day. Self-doubt, addiction, loss, and fear are just a few of the emotions she struggles with while coming to terms with her unimaginable situation.

Camera Operator: Jared Deer
Gaffer/Grip: Trey Garrison
Crane Operator: Josh Sherrell
Stylist: Andrew Bayer
Hair/MUA: Douglas Atkinson
DIT: Michael Ciancio Jr.
Sound Mixer: Brandon Bahn
Composer: Darius Holbert
Mastering: Brandon Bahn
Photographer: Keith Allgeier
Editor: Marc Andonian
Producers: Alex Kinter, Erik Schuessler,
Jose Luis Partida, Adrian Trent, Matt Shanahan
Executive Producers: Michael Ciancio, Judy Ciancio

Anne Beyer as Meg Stephens
Oscar Seung as Jeff Murphy
Jennifer Kristin as Sarah Peterson
Adam Luttrull as Austin Peterson
Giovannie Cruz as Emma


Main Actors


"We all attempt to cope with love and loss, and long for solutions to balance our lives, and Meg does the same, only she does it with a little twist."


"The house represents existence and it's different rooms hold different memories. I think audiences will have a unique experience through Meg and her journey of self realization."


"I think the idea behind Alone at the pool is one that is very human. It is about existing in the moment and trying to survive the everyday even though much greater mechanisms exist around us."